Daisy Watts and India Reynolds Undressing Each Other After the Club

Daisy Watts and India Reynolds would have attracted a lot of attention wherever they went in their sexy little clubbing outfits! Imagine watching them dancing and flirting together all night! Especially given that Daisy's top kept slipping down, giving us tempting little nipple flashes all over the place! Would have loved to have seen that! Still, even better to watch Daisy and India back at Only-Opaques! And we don't have to content ourselves with nipple flashes either, as the girls are more than happy to let us watch as they undress each other!

Daisy Watts and India Reynolds help each other undress from their sexy clubbing outfits

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Tags: Black tights, Daisy Watts, India Reynolds, Knickers, Only-Opaques, Opaque tights

Posted on Sunday 12/5/2013 @ 06:00 AM

India Reynolds Is No Spoilsport!

Sexy secretary India Reynolds' little black dress isn't nearly as little as it could be; not too much cleavage on display, and you could spend hours with her and still not be sure if India was wearing stockings or tights! This would be one of those rare occasions when you might even agree with the 'it would look better on the bedroom floor' brigade! Luckily enough, though, that's exactly where it ends up, because once you're alone with her, India sets out to prove that, demure as her dress is, she's no spoilsport; first off she lifts her dress up, so that you can see that she's wearing stockings and suspenders (she probably knew you were gagging to find out all night), and then she slips off her dress, and then her bra! Oh yes, India may be a tease, but she's definitely no spoilsport! Not at all!

India Reynolds takes off her little black dress

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Tags: Black stockings, Bra, Dress, India Reynolds, Knickers, Only-Secretaries, Suspenders

Posted on Tuesday 19/3/2013 @ 06:00 AM

Daisy Watts and India Reynolds Tease in their Fantasy School Uniforms

Daisy Watts and India Reynolds are looking both cute and sexy in the fantasy school uniforms that they are wearing in their free image gallery. Their skirts are very short indeed, and Daisy can just about get away with hers, wearing opaque grey tights as she is. But India's skirt only just about reaches down to the tops of her black stockings at best, and even then the little slit on the side of her skirt shows naked flesh. Still, these considerations are rather academic, as the girls are clearly in the mood to tease and start pulling up their skirts almost from the off, and soon they are undressing each other on the bed! And if you're in the mood to let Daisy and India tease you some more, you'll find the girls' full image set (126 photos) inside Only-Opaques!

Daisy Watts and India Reynolds tease in their fantasy school uniforms

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Tags: Black stockings, Daisy Watts, Grey tights, India Reynolds, Knickers, Mini skirt, Only-Opaques, Opaque tights, Pleated skirt, School uniform, Tie, Wrap around skirt

Posted on Wednesday 30/1/2013 @ 05:00 AM

India Reynolds - Temptation in White Tights

India Reynolds must be one of the prettiest girls imaginable, and in this new free image gallery she is looking as gorgeous as ever in her pretty little pink and white blouse, black skirt and white tights! And as India starts to undress for us, things just keep getting better and better! And when India finally slips off her bra to reveal her amazing breasts, well, what could possibly be better than that!

India Reynolds undresses in the office

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Tags: Bra, India Reynolds, Knickers, Only-Opaques, White tights

Posted on Friday 17/8/2012 @ 06:00 AM

Classroom Antics at the OnlyTease Academy

Miss Hayley-Marie Coppin is in danger of losing control of her class, and eventually decides that she will cane each of her sexily-dressed students in turn! First up it's Daisy Watts, then Lucy-Anne Brooks, India Reynolds, and Elle Richie. But when it's Rosie Whiteman's turn to bend over and be caned, she siezes the cane off Miss Hayley, and the tables are turned! The naughty girls grab at their teacher's clothes and strip her down to her black lingerie. Then the girls undress as well, and soon all six of these beautiful ladies are topless! Wouldn't you just love to see these sexy girls taking off their uniforms and undressing their teacher! Check out this free image gallery for some sample pics, and then grab the whole set from OnlyTease!

Naughty Lucy-Anne Brooks gets caned as her classmates look on

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Tags: Black stockings, Bra, Cane, Daisy Watts, Elle Richie, Fishnet stockings, Hayley-Marie Coppin, India Reynolds, Knickers, Lucy-Anne Brooks, OnlyTease, Rosie Whiteman, School uniform, Seamed stockings, Socks, Suspenders, Tan stockings, Tie, Waistcoat

Posted on Monday 7/5/2012 @ 06:00 AM


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