Sarah James - School Uniform in the Snow

Sarah James has ventured out into the snow in her fantasy school uniform, and once she's certain that no one is about to spy on her (apart from the lucky members of Only-Opaques, that is), Sarah starts teasing us, lifting up her skirt and asking if we can see her knickers through her shiny black opaque tights...

Sarah James teases in her fantasy school uniform in the snow

... and when we say that we're not sure that we can, Sarah takes off her uniform so we can take a closer look! And once we confirm that, yes, we can just make out her knickers through her tights, Sarah rewards our patience by taking her bra off so we can have (yet another) good look at her amazing boobs!

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Tags: Black tights, Bra, Knickers, Mini skirt, Only-Opaques, Opaque tights, Pleated skirt, Sarah James, School uniform, Tie

Posted on Friday 31/1/2014 @ 01:00 PM

Charley S in the Woods

Busty babe Charley S is teasing us in the woods today! And it's hard to know where to look first! Her mini skirt is that short that you can see her stocking tops, and her blouse is so see-through that you can't help but notice her black bra and all of Charley's swelling cleavage! But you know with Charley that she won't be content to just tease us by wearing sexy clothes, no, she's going to tease us as she takes them off for us as well, right here, out in the woods...

Busty babe Charley S strips off in the woods

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Tags: Black stockings, Blouse, Bra, Charley S, Knickers, Mini skirt, OnlyTease, See-through, Suspenders

Posted on Saturday 25/1/2014 @ 01:00 PM

Danielle A Strips Off in Detention

I'm not sure what Danielle A did to merit a detention, but she doesn't look any too happy about it! And, in fact, she has a plan to get out of detention early - she starts undressing, slowly, teasingly, hoping to embarass her supervisor into telling her to just go home! But, as Danielle's free image gallery shows, her plan backfired, and the pictures were posted on OnlyTease in no time! Oh well, it was worth a try!

Danielle A strips off in detention

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Tags: Bra, Danielle A, Knickers, Mini skirt, OnlyTease, Pleated skirt, School uniform, Socks, Tie

Posted on Sunday 19/1/2014 @ 01:00 PM

Special Delivery Girl Melissa Debling

At first sight, and after reading the logo on Melissa Debling's shirt ('United States XXXpress Service'), you might think that she is here to deliver a package! But, as it turns out, Melissa is herself the special delivery...

It would make for a special and memorable day, wouldn't it, having Melissa pose about for you, especially in that tight little mini skirt that scarcely hides her stocking tops, suspenders and knickers! And it gets even better when Melissa starts doing a private striptease for you, right then and there...

... the only real question is how to tip her approriately? Well, if you join up with OnlyTease, Melissa will show her appreciation by letting you watch her teasing and stripping in 24 fabulous picture sets! And she won't mind (too much) if you take time out to ogle some of the other 894 OnlyTease girls as well!

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Tags: Bra, Knickers, Melissa Debling, Mini skirt, OnlyTease, Suspenders, Tan stockings

Posted on Thursday 16/1/2014 @ 01:00 PM

Uniform Cosplay with Caroline

Caroline is indulging us with a little fantasy school uniform cosplay in her latest Only-Opaques photo set! We've scarcely got over how cute and sexy she's looking when she starts lifting up her little skirt to surprise us with her silky half-slip and possibly an early glimpse of her knickers through her black opaque tights! And when she's taken off her shirt, rather than just slipping her skirt off straight away, Caroline pulls the straps back up onto her shoulders, making for some unexpectedly erotic images...

Uniform cosplay with Caroline at Only-Opaques

... and doesn't Caroline look like she's enjoying teasing us with her sexy little costume! But I can tell you that, however much Caroline enjoyed herself, chances are that our members at Only-Opaques will be enjoying Carloine's cosplay even more!

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Tags: Black tights, Bra, Caroline, Dress, Knickers, Mini skirt, Pleated skirt, School uniform, Slip, Tie

Posted on Monday 13/1/2014 @ 01:00 PM

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