Summer Takes Off her Red Latex Dress

There's something about latex on girls; the shininess, the bright colours, and the way a tight-fitting garment hugs the curves of a woman's body! Just think Catwoman, Velma from Scooby-Doo, the Spice Girls, Lady Gaga, the list goes on! And, most of all, think Summer from Only-Opaques...

Summer takes off her sexy red latex dress so that you can admire her unfettered boobs

... because what sets Summer apart from all of those other girls is that she'll take off her figure-hugging latex dress, her express intention being to allow you to admire her fabulous unfettered boobs! Which is, unless you're a dyed-in-the-wool latex fetishist, exactly what you've been dreaming of doing from the moment you first saw her!

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Tags: Black tights, Dress, Fetish, Knickers, Only-Opaques, Opaque tights, Summer

Posted on Monday 6/7/2015 @ 02:00 PM

Rachel W - You Would, Wouldn't You!

Rachel W is looking very cute indeed in her fantasy school uniform! But I bet you would still like to see what she's wearing under it, wouldn't you! And once she's taken it off, Rachel's still looking very cute, the way she's laying on her front on the bed, coyly hiding her lovely big boobs away from us! But I bet you would still like to see them, wouldn't you!

Busty babe Rachel W takes off her sexy fantasy school uniform at Only-Opaques

Well, if I told you that you can watch Rachel take off her uniform and get to see her boobs as well, just by clicking through to Rachel's free image gallery, I bet you would, wouldn't you! Click through, I mean...

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Tags: Black tights, Bra, Knickers, Mini skirt, Only-Opaques, Opaque tights, Pleated skirt, Rachel W, School uniform, Tie, Wrap around skirt

Posted on Thursday 2/7/2015 @ 02:00 PM

Jo E and Victoria S Make It Hard To Be Good

It's hard to be good at the best of times, but when you find Jo E and Victoria S laying together on the bed, teasing you with their stocking tops and suspenders, well, it would be very hard indeed to be good in such circumstances, wouldn't it...

Jo E and Victoria S teasing with their stocking tops

At the very least you'd end up stealing furtive glances, and no doubt Jo and Victoria would catch you looking! But they don't mind, not today, they're in the mood tease you, and they'll tease you some more by slowly undressing each other as you watch...

Jo E and Victoria S show off their boobs at Only-Opaques

And although the girls may have teased you about how you were looking at them, it would still be ungentlemanly to comment on how Jo is now herself staring at Victoria's boobs! It does makes you think, though!

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Tags: Black stockings, Bra, Jo E, Knickers, Only-Opaques, Opaque Stockings, Suspenders, Victoria S

Posted on Wednesday 24/6/2015 @ 02:00 PM

Hanna Soul - Two Perfect Matches

Hanna Soul must have taken a good deal of care in picking out the outfit that she is wearing (at the start of) this wonderful Only-Opaques photoset! When you look at Hanna's free image gallery you'll see how she's matched her brown jumper with opaque brown stockings, and she's even found a mini skirt with a little brown in it, to give a little continuity! And when Hanna starts to undress you'll find that she's wearing a matching pink and white polka dot lingerie set underneath. Which, incidentally, makes a very nice contrast with the brown as well!

Beautiful blonde Hanna Soul shows off her perfectly matching pink and white polka dot lingerie

Of course, you may think I'm crazy going on about Hanna's dress sense; shouldn't he be enthusing about what a beautiful girl Hanna is, what a terrific figure she has, and especially what a pert round behind she has? And yes, I could have, very easily. In fact, that was all I could think about the first couple of times that I looked through Hanna's photoset! After all, Hanna Soul is a perfectly gorgeous girl!

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Tags: Bra, Brown stockings, Hanna Soul, Knickers, Mini skirt, Only-Opaques, Opaque Stockings, Suspenders

Posted on Monday 4/5/2015 @ 02:00 PM

Sammy Braddy - Avengers Girl in Waiting

When they decide to resurrect 'The Avengers', may I propose that Sammy Braddy should play the role of John Steed's glamorous lady associate! Oh, and that they bring back the leather catsuit as well!

Sammy Braddy shows what she's packing inside her leather catsuit

And a little more gratuitous titillation wouldn't hurt viewing figures either! Perhaps the baddies could come after Sammy when her guard is down, undressing in her bedroom! A bit like she is in her latest free image gallery, in fact! Well, they do say that the 'Only' sites will ignite your imagination and fuel your fantasies!

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Tags: Black stockings, Knickers, Only-Opaques, Opaque Stockings, Sammy Braddy, Suspenders

Posted on Monday 6/4/2015 @ 02:00 PM

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