Annie - New Girl at Only-Secretaries

Annie is a new girl at Only-Secretaries, and she is gorgeous, don't you think! Annie says that she considers her legs to be her best feature, and she's certainly dressed to show them off to perfection...

... and the same level of care that Annie's displayed in selecting her outer garments is displayed in her choice of lingerie as well! Her matching red bra, knickers and suspenders are so simple, and yet so, so sexy!

And, although Annie's legs are totally amazing, I might suggest that they are not the only contenders for Annie's Best Feature! Still, no need to rush to a snap decision because we'll be seeing plenty more of Annie at Only-Secretaries in the future!

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Posted on Wednesday 5/3/2014 @ 01:00 PM

New Sexy Secretary Marie Jones

This is Marie Jones from Only-Secretaries! Isn't she just the perfect pocket-sized girl Friday! And how nice of her to wear such a short - and tight - mini skirt for us, especially with those sexy black seamed tights...

... but what's even nicer is the way that she takes it off with so little persuasion! And so lady-like too, the way she does it, not bending over like a stripper! You might even think that Marie will be a little too shy to take anything else off for us, but no...

... Marie's only too happy to take off her top as well! Though maybe she'd forgotten that she was wearing her soft bra today, so small and flimsy that it hides not-a-lot, you can even see her nipples though it! But let's try to not stare...

... although that may be almost impossible to pull off, especially once Marie has removed her bra as well! Still, once you've downloaded Marie's 126 image photoset from Only-Secretaries, well, who's going to know!

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Tags: Black tights, Bra, Knickers, Marie Jones, Mini skirt, Only-Secretaries

Posted on Wednesday 1/1/2014 @ 01:00 PM

Victoria A Unwraps Herself for Christmas

Victoria A was looking too hot to handle at the Only-Secretaries Christmas party in her tight little mini skirt that was so short that you didn't have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that she was wearing stockings! And you couldn't fail to observe that she was wearing a black bra under her white blouse either! Very sexy!

Beautiful and busty blonde Victoria A

And she really got into the Christmas spirit too - even before unwrapping her presents, she unwrapped herself, as you will see in Victoria A's Christmas photo gallery! I don't know if she went home with anyone afterwards, but Victoria A is definitely one cracker I'd love to pull! But wouldn't we all!

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Tags: Black stockings, Blouse, Bra, Hat, Knickers, Mini skirt, Only-Secretaries, Suspenders, Victoria A

Posted on Thursday 26/12/2013 @ 01:00 PM

Charley S - Office Show Off

Charley S always puts on a good show when she comes into the office! It seems that the office environment brings out the show off in her! And, as you can see, Charley has plenty to show off about; her ample bust and her round behind for starters! Check out Charley's free image gallery for some more pictures of Charley showing off in the office, or sign up with Only-Secretaries to get your hands on the full set!

Charley S - office show off

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Tags: Bra, Charley S, Knickers, Only-Secretaries, Seamed stockings, Suspenders, Tan stockings, Waistcoat

Posted on Saturday 14/12/2013 @ 01:00 PM

Stacey M Teases and Strips in the Office

Oh my goodness! I would think that all my birthdays had come at once if Stacey M turned up at the office dressed like this...

Stacey M teases and strips in the office

... that dress is so short, and Stacey's long and shapely legs look nothing short of amazing in those tan seamed tights! And whoever had the idea of asking Stacey to do the filing deserves a medal! And after Stacey's sexy striptease, I'd have liked to have given her a medal as well; the only problem being where to pin it!

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Tags: Bra, Dress, Glasses, Knickers, Only-Secretaries, Stacey M, Tan tights

Posted on Monday 2/12/2013 @ 01:00 PM

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