Petra So Teases in the Bedroom

In her latest free image gallery, Petra So is looking oh so sexy in see-through lingerie, stockings and suspenders! And when you see the full photoset inside OnlyTease, you'll realise that Petra is definitely in the mood to tease, and she's in no hurry at all to take anything off to start with! And why would you want to rush her? After all, you can see her boobs and behind perfectly well as it is, and seeing through such sheer lingerie just makes it all the more naughty, doesn't it! But it's only when Petra Petra takes her knickers off for you that you'll realise just how much of a naughty girl Petra So can be!

Petra So teases in her bedroom in her see-through lingerie, stockings and suspenders

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Tags: Black stockings, Knickers, Negligee, OnlyTease, Petra So, Suspenders

Posted on Friday 21/2/2014 @ 01:00 PM

Petra So and her Sexy Purple Tights

Petra So looks absolutely gorgeous in her pink mini dress and opaque purple tights! But if you're a person who thinks that tights can never be sexy, well, take a look at Petra So's free image gallery, and you may well change your mind! Especially once you realise that Petra is wearing no lingerie at all, neither bra nor knickers! Which explains why Petra has her hand between her legs in the first of these pictures! After all, you wouldn't expect - or want - Petra to give it up without a good deal of teasing first, would you?

Petra So showing off in her sexy purple tights

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Tags: Dress, Only-Opaques, Petra So, Purple tights

Posted on Friday 6/9/2013 @ 02:00 PM

Behind the Scenes at OnlyTease

One of the bonus features that you get as a member of OnlyTease is access to their 'Behind the Scenes' photographs. Some are pure candid shots, but a lot of the time the girls seem to display a sixth sense that they're about to be snapped and strike a quick pose! Well, after all, they are top glamour models! So, for a change and for a little fun (and please don't take the descriptions too seriously!), here are a few 'Behind the Scenes' piccies...

In the top row we have Charley S with her outsized mobile in one hand, tablet in the other, and berating the editor of a 'red top' for dubbing her 'the British Kim Kardashian', Clare Richards looking pure class in her 'day' clothes, and Jenni showing that she remembers how to pose like a teenager! And then there's Kristina having a little help dressing, Petra So demonstrating just how cute it is to be Petra So, and Lucy-Anne Brooks showing off her patent method for eating chocolate without getting any on her blouse!

Well, I must say that this post was fun to write, but I too way too long! Although most of the time was spent in selecting the images; after all, there are more than ten thousand 'Behind the Scenes' pictures to choose from!

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Tags: Charley S, Clare Richards, Jenni, Kristina, Lucy-Anne Brooks, OnlyTease, Petra So

Posted on Wednesday 17/7/2013 @ 06:00 AM

Petra Saves Her Best 'til Last!

Petra So is looking so cute in the smart little outfit she was wearing at the start of her latest OnlySilkAndSatin image set! Sexy too, especially when she gets up onto the bed in that short skirt! And see how much of her bra and cleavage she's showing!

And with Petra up on the bed and still mostly dressed, those are some of my favourite pictures from this set! Those tightly-framed shots of Petra, still in her sexy silk blouse and with her legs wide apart, they remind me of the style of the iconic glamour photographer Joanie Allum! Great pictures! But I digress...

... and although those mostly dressed pics are some of my favourites from this excellent photoset, Petra definitely saves her best 'til last, even showing a little more than I'm allowed to show you here! You'll be needing to join up with OnlySilkAndSatin to get your hands on those pictures!

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Tags: Blouse, Bra, Knickers, Mini skirt, OnlySilkAndSatin, Petra So, Tan tights

Posted on Saturday 13/7/2013 @ 06:00 AM

Mistress Petra So Strips in the Cellar

Petra So has always seemed like such a nice girl, and I'm sure she is, but this new image gallery with its fetishistic overtones suggests that there may be more to Petra So than has hitherto met the eye! And, personally, I'd be quite happy to have Mistress Petra So bossing me about all day if she was dressed like this, and especially if, in the end, she reverted back to being a nice girl who would put on a sexy striptease show that only finished when she was totally naked but for her suspenders and stockings! Oh, and those seriously sexy heels of course!

Mistress Petra So strips in the cellar

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Tags: Black stockings, Bodice, Fetish, Knickers, Mini skirt, OnlyTease, Petra So, Suspenders

Posted on Friday 26/4/2013 @ 06:00 AM

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